Litter Theme: A Tribute to Jim Henson and his Magical Creatures
Pups at 5 weeks (from left to right):
(1) Snuffelufagus (Gus) (2) Prairie Dawn (Puffin) (3) Faithful Friend (Ludo) (4) Dark Crystal (Kira) (5) Mystic Chanter (Piper) (6) Story Teller (Rudy) (7) Fraggle Rockette (Hazel)

Snuffelufagus (Gus)
Denver, CO

CH Prairie Dawn (Puffin)
Divide, CO
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Faithful Friend (Ludo)
Glenwood Springs, CO

Dark Crystal (Kira)
Taylorsville, CA

Mystic Chanter (Piper)
Holyoke, CO

CH Story Teller (Rudy)
Reno, NV

Fraggle Rockette (Hazel)
Pensacola, FL