Top Producer of Champions
Top Producer of Champions
14 pts Conformation
Top Producer of Champions
Canine Good Citizen Therapy Dog; 5 points Conformation
2 pts Conformation
Canine Good Citizen

Kat-Stollen Kat-Dakota
Litter Theme: JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Litter Theme: African-American Jazz/Blues Entertainers and Songs (1920-1970)
25 April 2000
30 July 1999
Litter Theme: A Tribute to Jim Henson
8 October 2001
Lu-Jodel Lu-Hunter
Litter Theme: Grimm's Fairy Tales
7 November 2002
Litter Theme: Berner Sweet Teeth
19 July 2004
Lu-Hero Puffin-Ludo
Litter Theme: Fabulous Heroes
13 May 2006
Litter Theme: Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales
23 November 2002
Litter Theme: Peter Pan
23 November 2004
Litter Theme: Tolkien's Swords & Stones
13 July 2006