Last Updated: 1/23/2011
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Tolkien's Swords & Stones
(Counter-clockwise from left) Palantir of Osgiliath (Os), Barrowblade Sting (Zizou), Sword of Elendil (Narsil), Snow Thorn Gil-galad (Sierra), Glamdring Foe-hammer (Hogan), Anduril Flame of the West (Laila), Black Sword Mormegil (Riley), Palantir of Anarion (Aster), Palantir of Elendil (Abby), Narsil, Sun and Moon (Zeus), Dagmor Beren's Sword (Bojangles)
Lexy, 6 hours later and 11 puppies lighter
Day 0 (6-8 hours old)
there's is NOTHING like fuzzy puppies proud dad watching king of the mountain
Another example of overcrowding in local jails 1st milk delivery in backyard
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BIS CH Nashem's
Play It Again Sapphire