When Lynn chose Austin to sire Luthien's first litter, she did so with a clear idea and expectation of the results. Puffin (Prairie Dawn) fulfilled her hopes: a "drafty" girl with a merry disposition, by far the happiest Berner we've ever known.
Puffin was the "cheer-leader" of the Lorien Dell pack, full of bright smiles, jumping and whirling at her "starting spot" on the trail and always eager to bark "Let's go! Hurry! Hurry!" for walks in the woods.
Puffin's second "spot" was The Bench. As George shouted, "to the Bench!" Puffin would race to the field , jump on the bench and wiggle and wag as everyone else gathered around.
On 17 October 2005, at less than five years old, dear Puffin suffered a stroke following a C-section. She had never had a bad day -- never sick, never moody; her life was a huge party, to which, by airy leaps and whirls, she continually invited us. She had always seemed so solid – a bright tomboy spirit who twinkled among us, then suddenly, went out.

. . . we never thought her song would end so soon; we barely learned the tune . . . adapted from Paul Simon

As she made her way to the Rainbow Bridge, she gave her life to four beautiful puppies.

Dear Puffin is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.