Best of Winners
2001 BMDCA  National Specialty
Lu at 5 weeks
PennHIP - DI Right 0.43, Left 0.50 GDC17772H13EN, E13N
Eyes: CERF BMD-535/1999-27 Thyroid: OFA BMD-TH16/21F-T
von Wildebrandt's Disease: 1686 -  Clear
Luthie is a big, soft, girl who loves the ring and the attention it brings. She's our first Bred-by Champion from our first litter. Lu also took to motherhood with gusto, caring for her pups with gentle authority and needing no serious help from us. Her best qualities are her cheerful disposition (she wiggles and wags her entire body), beautiful head, lovely, expressive eyes and strong, healthy body.

Lu's National Specialty Haul
Baggins & Lu
The Snow Clown
Best of Breed - March 2005
Lu is named for an elf princess whose story is told by Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. Her story, and the love she bore for Beren a mortal man was poignant enough for us to want to bestow her lovely name on the loveliest of our first litter of Berner doggies. And so, Lu she became, and Lu she is. To our dismay and delight, we found that Lu's outward beauty (inevitably waxing and waning) is often obscured by a side of her only seen by those living with her: another Lu the clown, the big goof, the slapstick geek, Berner counterpart of Lucille Ball (so silly in I Love Lucy-- I never noticed how pretty she was!). Even at six, Lu loves to play retrieve/ keep-away soccer; her funniest ploy is to grab the end of a huge stall ball in her teeth, hold her ears out stiff like a bat, and, happy-tail flailing her sides, approach me with a coy invitation to chase her (she thinks she's irresistible and she is!). She lives at the heart of why we love our Berners.
Eight of Lu's babies have earned their championships:

From her first litter, she produced our own Puffin (Lorien Dell's Prairie Dawn), and Rudy (Lorien Dell's Story Teller), owned by Mike Cassity of Reno, NV both earned their championships in 2003. They are solid, yummy get from Ch Nashem's Bad to the Bone - himself a top producer more than twice over adorable, chunky, draft-pony Berners.

Lu's second litter produced another toothsome twosome: Gail and Stan Brooks wanted a great, swashbuckling Berner boy, and in Lorien Dell's Hansel the Sumo they got their wish. Sumo attained his title at eleven months in 2003 and presently reigns as Gail's jogging buddy -- what a guy!

And in 2005, Lorien Dell's Cinderella Moments became the fourth gem in Lu's generational coronet. Together with Karen Alexander in Pensacola, FL, sassy Cindy has lived through Hurricane Ivan, as well as catching the edges of the horrendous 2005 hurricane season (how can anyone live in such weather?). Sumo and Cindy were enthusiastically sired by CH Ochsnerhof's Grossel Jodel.

We are very proud of all our Lu pups!